Satan is busy, yet God’s good

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Satan is busy yet God is still good! I’ve had an amazing week. I received a phone call that my daughter would be attending a school tailored to people that will help with her needs. I had a lot of encouraging conversations and I’ve been in a pretty good mood lately. Then came a run-in with a man I’ll call “Donald Downer.” He has a tendency to say negative things to me and will intentionally try to “throw shade” as the hip population says these days. Yesterday was no exception. Immediately after my great phone call with the school came my run in with Donald Downer. It is no wonder why Peter warns us to “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8) No, I am not calling Donald Downer the devil. I am saying that the devil will put people in your path and he will use people at times in an adverse way. (He has used me too).

I am so grateful God has blessed us with His Word to go when situations occur like this. I recognize Donald’s tactics and I know what to do. I said what I needed to say (peacefully) and walked away. There are times we aren’t always able to say things peacefully and God understands. Sometimes speaking the truth in love can bring conflict. Praying for what to say and how to say your words will support you when the time comes.

While Satan is busy God is good. Donald “tried” to steal my joy but he couldn’t. God has been too awesome and He’s done too much for me to let Donald’s comments take my eyes off God moving in my life. I’ve heard that the devil attacks God’s children. If he’s not attacking you and you claim to be in Christ maybe it’s time to re-evaluate if you truly are a Christ follower. Being a Christ follower isn’t about how much you give to the poor, attend church services, dress a certain way, or refusal to participate in “worldly” activities. Those things are great and certainly nothing to gloss over. But the Pharisees fasted and tithed and their hearts were far from Christ. Being a Christ follower is about accepting Him into your heart and professing that He is the Messiah. Christianity is all about what He has done. When someone sees a change in you and wants to know why you’re different it’s because of Christ – not ourselves. It’s because of His good work on the cross that we are here. This blog is to give glory to Christ, not me. If it can help bring someone to Christ then I’ve done what I sought to do.

We live in a dark world and it would be wise for us to take heed to Paul’s instructions to “put on the full armor of God…” in Ephesians 6:11. Satan is a created being who has limited power and a fate of fire. We don’t. As believers we serve a God who is always Good, who has all power and who has eternal life; the same eternal life He offers to us. What a wonderful God!